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Pegboard Nerds & NERVO Collab on Energetic New Track ‘Crying Shame’

Are you a fan of video games, upbeat electro-pop, and all things in twos? Danish-Norwegian duo Pegboard Nerds recently released a new album, entitled Heart of the Universe, which stays true to the duo’s iconic blend of videogame inspired sounds and electronic music, with enough pop, candy-coated production, and excitingly upbeat drops to keep your spirits high and your body dancing all night long. At the peak of the album, one can find “Crying Shame,” a beautifully diverse and passionate future bass track, filled with electric vocals by the Nervo twins. Nervo is comprised of two amazingly talented Australian sisters who not only act as a DJ duo but also have notable work in singing and songwriting as well. With their stabbing and energetic vocals, combined with the unique and joy-filled sounds of Pegboard Nerds, this song is certainly no “Crying Shame.” Listen to the exciting new track below!

With a perfect mix of emotion, artistic production, and out of this world-creativity, this track certainly stands out. The sounds seem to transport listeners to a pixelated world entirely, with bright and cartoon-like colors, while still allowing them to hear and process the story behind the lyrics. The message behind the song is surprisingly glum, yet somehow contrasted beautifully with the uplifting and high-energy sounds that dominate the track, making it impossible to get yourself down and steering you in the direction of happiness and bliss amidst the challenging storms.

Want to see Nervo live? Relentless Beats has a special surprise for you–they’ll be playing a show at the Track Club in Phoenix on October 26th! Don’t miss your chance to witness this unique and talented duo while you can. See event info and purchase tickets here.

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