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PhaseOne Remixes ‘The Beast’ by Zomboy

If you’re a fan of both PhaseOne and Zomboy, then you are going to love this song! To kick off Rott N’ Roll Pt.2: Remixed, PhaseOne takes on ‘The Beast’ by Zomboy. While there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Graeme Duffy—better known as PhaseOne—is up to the challenge, the question remains: what will this remix sound like? As one would imagine, Duffy took our expectations, raised the bar, and blew our minds.

“The Beast (PhaseOne Remix)” begins with Duffy taking the original melody of the track—which was played on a piano—playing it on an electric guitar, and immediately making the song his own. At the same time, however, he honors the original song by incorporating higher notes on a piano. By doing so, he creates a beautiful balance between Zomboy’s original concept of “The Beast” and his own brand-new, innovative vision for it.

From there, we find ourselves quickly progressing as the tempo picks up, new sounds enter the fray, and the guitar guides into a new world within “The Beast.” Before we know it, PhaseOne has infused his signature rock-style drums, guitar-shredding skills, and several new layers to this instant classic. Bear in mind, we haven’t even heard the drop yet.

To no one’s surprise, the rest of the track is simply phenomenal. The pre-drop, bridge, drop itself, and everything else after it—absolutely everything—is beautifully pristine. With an onslaught of heavy basses, sinister synths, and so much more, don’t be surprised if your jaw hits the floor.

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