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Relentless Review: Dubloadz Drops ‘The House of Ghosts’ EP

Always a fan of all things dark, dangerous, and downright spooky, Dave Nardolilli—better known as Dubloadz—is an unafraid force of nature. Whether it’s a new project, a touring opportunity, or beating the final boss in one of his video games, Dave Nardolilli has never backed down from a challenge. As one would imagine, Dave’s grit, determination, and craving for adventure can all be found in his music. Take, for instance, his new EP, The House of Ghosts.

As soon as we step foot into The House of Ghosts, Dubloadz and his good friend Dack Janiels greet us with a captivating combination of atmosphere, adrenaline, and suspense. Soon after, we find ourselves in a mix of high-energy drums, synths, and effects. Then, as the track builds toward the impending drop, we’re met by two fun-filled phrases, “Holy Shmo!” and “Well, golly gee willikers, that’s one hecking good drop!” The rest of the track is filled with slippery synths, sensational sound design, a fantastic flow, goofy phrases, and so much more.

In the middle of The House of Ghosts, Dubloadz teams up with Suahn to take on ‘Dungeon Crawler.’ As soon as you hit play, a retro synth welcomes you into another world – one which quickly begins to feel like a video game. With a kick drum bumping beneath and several elements swirling around us, our quest begins. Then, as we make our way further into the dungeon, the retro synth returns alongside a new and heavy bassline. At the same time, however, the drops are even dirtier than we could’ve imagined. With a fantastic fusion of fresh and familiar sounds, Dubloadz and Suahn create an incredible world – and one can’t help but never want to leave.

Our third and final stop, ‘Killer Instinct,’ kicks things off with a series of haunting and ominous signals. Then, as the track evolves, we quickly find ourselves spiraling deeper and deeper into the shadows – until suddenly, it’s too late. With an absolute onslaught of basses and synths—including machine guns, raspy leads, thick lows, and hyped-up highs—the audience is ambushed in the best ways imaginable. Then, in the final stretch, Dubloadz and Dack Janiels deliver the heaviest drop of the entire EP. Imagine dirty dubstep, hardstyle, and experimental drum work all put together. The final drop is essentially that, but even better. Suffice it to say, the dynamic duo definitely killed it.

At its core, The House of Ghosts EP is a testament to Dave Nardolilli’s creativity, imagination, and constant craving for adventure. Every track is an attractive world in its right; and yet, they all come together to form a beautiful home for humans and ghosts alike. If this spooky safe haven is exactly what you’re looking for, then you won’t want to miss the Arizona installment of The House of Ghosts tour! Catch Dubloadz and Dack Janiels on Friday, October 11 at The Green Room in Flagstaff. Grab your tickets today!

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