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TYNAN Remixes ‘Bad Good Maybe’

As a member of the Never Say Die Records family, TYNAN is a clear dubstep champion. He consistently expands the bounds of the genre with clear attention to the detail of his sound design. Aside from his heavy-hitting dub beats, however, TYNAN also expands on his darker elements by infusing them into trap bangers as well. Dark trap tunes like TYNAN’s are popping up like spooky daisies in a field of other impressive tracks currently in the industry. His recent remix of Perto & Kah-Lo’s track “Bad Good Maybe” is an alluring example of this. Listen below.

The smooth, cool & crooning vocals harmonize like ebony and ivory with TYNAN’s corruption over the song. While the dark trap elements are obvious in this remix, his dubstep roots overpower in the high-pitched, quick synths that bounce around after the distorted drop. TYNAN dubs this a “fun remix” and he’s right – though it’s darker, it doesn’t sink too deep which makes it a bop to hype the crowds up. Be a part of this crowd when TYNAN comes to BOO! Arizona. Get your tickets here.

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