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Watch it Wednesday: ZHU – ‘Came For The Low’

No one sparkles with the same entrancing allure like ZHU. Sweet melodies burst with robust sounds that he weaves through smooth basslines and his own ethereally creamy vocals, but it’s so effortless you may only hear a beautiful song to sink into or to groove along with. Zhu’s aesthetic, even, is shadowy and mysterious, with grandeur stages and performances halting any distractions. Even his face is often shielded so that the audience might only focus on the sound webs he weaves for them. Most recently, he’s donned a frightening gas mask for his music video for his latest track, “Came For The Low” featuring partywithray debuting his first release on this collaboration with ZHU. Watch it below for this week’s Watch it Wednesday.

ZHU’s “Came For The Low” music video prefaces with an eery note that reads “On Sept. 20th 3AM / 2 million people pledged to storm Area 51 / This is what actually happened.” Blood red scenes of the desert, an aesthetic ZHU is fond of, flash across the screen with elements of sci-fi and a darkly sexual energy throughout. The entire video is as seductive as the track alone, and certainly makes “Came For The Low” one of ZHU’s more charged tracks.

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