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We’ve Got a ‘Fetish’ for This Walker & Royce Remix

Brooklyn-based duo Walker & Royce have been in this decadent house scene since back in 2011. Discovered by Damian Lazarus from Crosstown Rebels with their remix of SAARID’s “Future Lately,” these two immediately solidified themselves among other house players. That crisp, deep sound resulted in their first EP, You’re Not Welcome, and created the anthem “Connected,” which became a mainstay for many producers. Their music takes twists and turns unlike any other, leaving us bouncing on our toes to getting four on the floor. Recently, they joined the flight with Claude VonStroke on Dirtybird Records, releasing their debut album, Self Help. With their name in the spotlight, there is no hesitation to flock and see them live.

Back in 2016, Walker & Royce released a track called ‘Fetish’ on Amber Muse Records. If you weren’t entranced by the song then, you definitely will now, as duo Queer on Acid revamps it into a brooding tech cut. Out now on Amber Muse Records, listen below.

The track starts with a deeply etched bass line, that’s invigorated by snares, distorted vocals, and retro synths. This “Fetish” remix haunts us with sexy background melodies so smooth it can turn even the biggest crowds into the most intimate dance floors. These two didn’t hold anything back!

Queer on Acid is a project and recording brand that was developed for the lighthearted and about ultimate support for gay culture and electronic music. These two friends and partners, Lomov and Taran, from Riga discovered House in the ’90s and dedicated their lives to become fully immersed. They created Amber Muse and it’s many facets, like the radio show and multiple events, and decided to dive into this side project (Queer on Acid) not long after. The connections they have with many producers within this diverse genre, including Walker & Royce, solidify their support for this movement of pure House gold, all the way back to its original roots.

We all might have a “Fetish” for House and Techno at this point, so don’t hesitate to grab tickets for Dirtybird Players on November 2nd. Grab tickets here to see Walker & Royce alongside Claude VonStroke, Shiba SanJ. Worra, and more.

Connect with Walker & Royce: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Connect with Queer on Acid: Facebook | SoundCloud

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