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8 Ethereal Songs from ATLiens ‘Ghost Planet’ Remix EP

This summer, our favorite heavy bass aliens, ATLiens, released Ghost Planet. The EP was a major hit and right when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the mysterious masked producers announced a remix EP featuring some of our favorite up and coming artists. The Ghost Planet Remixes EP has 28 songs and, while we do recommend you listen to all of them, we made a list of our favorite tracks that you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on. 

1. “Tantra”  (Al Ross Remix)

Do you like a heavy-duty, full-powered bass that shakes your bones and leaves you speechless? Good, because you’re gonna love Al Ross’ “Tantra” remix. Al Ross never disappoints and this unapologetic remix is sure to get the whole crowd headbanging. The gritty, metallic bass alongside the atmospheric break make for a perfect track and if you enjoyed this one be sure to check out Al Ross’ other bangers like “Toasted” with Chibs, Codd Dubz, and Geotrix and “Dogma” with Ad Astra and Panda. 

2. “Fading Out” (Mom N Dad Remix)

Mom N Dad’s remix of “Fading Out” will definitely be going on all of our midtempo playlists. This remix is dark, fierce, and easily one of our favorites from the entire Ghost Planet Remixes EP. The diverse sounds in the drop are creatively glued together by a common eerie vibe and the sudden switch between heavy, 1788-L-like basses to glitchy one shots are effortless and fluid. The “Fading Out” Mom N Dad remix has sparked our interest in this DJ and producer couple from the past and if you enjoyed this track, you’ll want to check out their most recent release “Night Terror”. 

3. “Shelter” (Aweminus Remix)

I really didn’t think “Shelter” couldn’t get any better since the original is a dark, experimental trap banger, but Aweminus has proved me wrong. Aweminus has managed to create one of the most unique remixes on the Ghost Planet EP and you’re not going to want to skip it. The drop has relentless energy and right when you get used to the bass, a new, more powerful one takes over. 

4. “Fading Out”  (Moore Kismet Remix)

If you haven’t heard of Moore Kismet, it’s time you learned about this young heavy bass prodigy. The 14-year-old DJ and producer is by far one of the most talented artists you’ll hear in a while and his remix of “Fading Out’ is the perfect example of his skill. We get two pretty unique drops in Moore Kismet’s “Fading Out” remix and you’re gonna want to listen to them each a few times to fully comprehend their insanity. 

5. “Closer” (Code:Pandorum Remix)

To no one’s surprise,the creepiest remix on the Ghost Planet Remixes EP is Code:Pandorum’s “Closer” remix. Code:Pandorum adds a haunting bass and eerie atmosphere to an already creepy track and the result will make you want to leave the lights on next time you go to bed.

6. Exterminate -FrostTop remix

FrostTop’s remix of Atliens and Hairitage’s track “Exterminate” is one you’re not going to want to miss. This remix is a heavy bass hidden gem and throwing this into a set is a sure way to get some people to start a moshpit. If you enjoyed this remix, be sure to check out FrostTop’s other tracks like his flips of “Extraterrestrial” by Tynan and Kompany and “Nightrider” by Gladez.

7. Tantra -LeKtriQue remix

This Kannibalen Records artist has been making serious waves in the heavy bass scene for a while and after you listen to his remix of “Tantra”, you’ll understand why. LeKtriQue combines a hardstyle inspired drop with classic dubstep sounds to create a dynamic, fresh track. The constant switch up between bases keeps the listener on their toes and “Tantra” never loses this momentum. 

8. Closer – EDDIE Bishu Remix

“Closer” by ATLiens and EDDIE is certainly one of our favorite songs from the Ghost Planet EP and each of its remixes on the Ghost Planet Remix EP carries a slightly different vibe. Bishu’s remix of “Closer” is just as intensely sinister as the original but has a trap feel that makes the song even heavier. Bishu, the Canadian Monstercat-signed future bass and trap producer, uses the glitchy fills from the original and makes them the main focal point in the remix. The end result is pretty incredible and we definitely recommend checking this remix out if you enjoy a distinct sounding drop.

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