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Dirt Monkey Gifts Aspiring Producers ‘Strange Fruit’ Sample Pack Series

This one is for you, up and coming producers! Dirt Monkey, the wobble master himself, has announced that he will be releasing a sample pack series entitled “Strange Fruit” for all his producers out there. He will be putting out many different samples during this series, but he kicked things off with the element he feels is most important in creating electronic music—drums/percussion. Released on Bandcamp, the sample packs can be streamed free or downloaded for a small cost. Dirt Monkey explains this one to be full of “kicks, snares, hi-hat hits and loops, fills, chants/vocal hits, percussion hits and loops” and maybe most important of all, “the signature Dirt Monkey cowbell in every song of his ever.” You can check out the Strange Fruit: Drum pack HERE.

We can truly tell that Dirt Monkey is passionate about music and his aspiring producer fans who look up to him with this sample pack series being announced. He has honed these sounds to be full of that wonky punch his music has and to be out in the world for producers to use and learn from. Luckily, you can also catch his unique sound live this Saturday at Aura nightclub in Tempe. Grab tickets here and get ready to wobble all night long with Dirt Monkey.

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