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Reimagine Elohim on Her New Live Album

We’ve been getting a sweet taste of the dreamy and elegant Elohim since back in 2015. With a voice like honey and aesthetic like a wisp, it’s impossible not to immerse yourself into her presence. The California-based musical goddess has turned out some of the most lyrically brilliant masterpieces that turn our souls into putty and entices us to not only sing along but reflect on ourselves. She’s able to touch lives with her craft in a way that not every artist is able to. She’s bold, raw, and uses her work as an outlet for herself while creating one for others.

Her first self-titled EP highlights her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks in the most prolific and introspective way. Followed was her Braindead EP which develops in the same vein as the first, putting words to the darkness and making it vibrant and colorful. Addressing mental health, especially your own is challenging. So through producing, she’s allowed herself to tap into her feelings, her struggle, and turn it into something else entirely. She hopes that her music is able to do just that for others struggling too.

Recently, Elohim Reimagined: Live at Hollywood Forever 19 of her songs on a grand piano with four string players in the most brilliant way. It’s delicate, yet stunning, as she transforms her own work into a meditative, conversational journey. The collection speaks for itself and is truly a testament to her fearlessness as a producer. Get ready for an emotional exploration and listen below.

This organic escape is unmatched and truly puts Elohim in a position that has fans wanting more. Be sure to mark your calendars for her breathlessly beautiful performance at Crescent Ballroom on March 19th of next year. Click here for tickets.

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