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Relentless Beat of the Week: Eli & Fur – ‘Wall To Wall’

Eli & Fur emit strength and softness, both from their names combined and from their music. They’ve cultivated a sound that’s solid in the driving basslines, but soft in their brooding vocals and bittersweet melodies. Each track fosters double feelings of familiar warmth and foreign intrigue – once Eli & Fur allure a new listener, the newly devoted fan is driven to further discovery. The duo continues to blossom as they top charts and earn nominations – their latest track “Wall To Wall” is sure to be acclaimed, making it our Relentless Beat of the Week. Listen below.

“Wall To Wall” is a sweet and somber swirl of what the women infuse into the energy of their music, filled with an enduring bassline, synth and instrumental samples, and their vocals harmonizing with it all, which adds the emotive effect they’re beloved for. Eli & Fur’s crooning, nearly sorrowful voices burst over a sturdy bass rhythm. The multidimensional feel of emotions forbids it from being a flat track and instead lifts it up as a song everyone can resonate with.

Eli & Fur will be returning to Shady Park on February 8th. Find tickets here.

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