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Wenzday Drops ‘Demons Dancing’ EP

Taylor Chung, better known as Wenzday, has been a rising talent for several years now. A co-founder of 40oz Cult alongside her brother, Dack Janiels, Taylor has been releasing music since 2016. Before then, she studied and eventually graduated from the prestigious music production school, Icon Collective. With so much experience and knowledge at her disposal—especially this early into her career—the sky is the limit for Taylor Chung. While there are many pieces of evidence to support this train of thought, her latest release, the Dancing Demons EP might just be the best one yet.

On the first of the two new tunes, “Disko Dancing,” Wenzday kicks things off with a classic house beat. As the track progresses, we’re teased with deep bass, crisp percussions, and chopped-up vocals that collectively say “Disco dancing.” Then, when the drop hits, a booming bassline blows us out of the water. Not only massive, but also quite catchy, this drop is sure to get played at countless EDM events in the near future – and perhaps well beyond it. Needless to say, don’t be surprised if this fun-filled, funky tune puts you in a good mood.

With a similar structure and progression, “Gold Chainz” quickly picks up where its predecessor left off. Just as groovy, “Gold Chainz” features a higher-frequency bassline. As you will hear—and feel—instantaneously, the bass is just as thick as before. Better yet, the synthesizer progresses throughout the track. By doing this, Wenzday weaves a beautiful balance of fresh and familiar sounds throughout the entirety of this dance anthem.

Suffice it to say, both tracks are bass house bangers, and we can’t wait to see what Wenzday does next. For more information about Wenzday, Dack Janiels, or any other members of the 40oz family, check out their official website!

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