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Breathe Carolina’s ‘DEADTHEALBUM’ Resurrects Pop-Punk EDM

On November 15th, Breathe Carolina finally released their highly anticipated 5th album, DEADTHEALBUM. Arguably, one of the most important groups of the 2010’s, Breathe Carolina is known for combining pop-punk and EDM at a time when the two genres were vastly different. Their last album, Savages, was released back in 2014 and is highly nostalgic for both the Warped Tour emo kids and the EDC ravers. While DEADTHEALBUM has a slightly more laidback, electro-rock feel, this album is a must-listen and really showcases Breathe Carolina’s musical evolution from the early 2010’s to today. 

Breathe Carolina starts off DEADTHEALBUM with the lead single, “Too Good.” “Too Good” is a heartfelt electronic-pop anthem that already has more than a million streams on Spotify alone. David Schmitt’s soft post-hardcore vocals narrate the fear of losing someone you love. Another song on DEADTHEALBUM that you aren’t going to want to miss is “July”. “July” is one of the most emotional songs on the album and continues the gentle, easygoing vibe of “Too Good”. It’s half sad-pop punk ballad and half electro-pop and, as Breathe Carolina explained an interview, “It’s really a bridge between where we started and where we are now”. 

One of my personal favorite songs off DEADTHEALBUM is a song that’s definitely going to pull on some heartstrings for all the former-emo kids out there. “In the Dark” was co-written by the Ready Set and the lyrics combined with the gentle electronic atmosphere make for a perfect rainy day, chill track. If these last few songs are a little too somber for your taste, the final track on the album “Think About You” might be for you. While the lyrics of “Think About You” still carry a similar tone as the other tracks on DEADTHEALBUM, the upbeat instrumentals give off a pop-inspired vibe that’s dancey, lush, and bright.

Breathe Carolina – Too Good (Official Music Video)

Breathe Carolina’s comeback album was one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2019 and it definitely lived up to the fan’s expectations. The best part about DEADTHEALBUM is the combination of pop-punk and electro-pop that Breathe Carolina is taking in an entirely new direction. In an interview about the album, the duo explain that DEADTHEALBUM represents a new era of Breathe Carolina:

This album to us is really a joining of our two worlds, since we both come from punk rock backgrounds. When we first started writing, it was just one song that had this new energy with David singing again. These 10 tracks are the only songs that were written for this album. We felt what we felt, wrote it down in song form and that became DEADTHEALBUM.

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