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Feed Me Releases Latest Electro House Hit

Back in 2008, Feed Me, also known as Jon Gooch, released the first external single on mau5trap and then in 2011 he released his first full-length album, Feed Me’s Big Adventure. He’s been in the scene since the birth of modern dubstep and now, eleven years after his first release, he’s released yet another killer track. From dubstep to melodic bass, Feed Me is known for his musical versatility and this time he’s gone electro house with “Nothing Hurts Like You” featuring Sam Calver.

Released on Spinnin Records on November 22, “Nothing Hurts Like You” is unlike any other track we’ve heard from Feed Me so far. The electro house elements are present throughout the track, but there’s a slight pop feel that makes for perfect club music. Sam Calver’s vocals are, as always, stunning and the anthem-like lyrics really complete the entire track. The best part about “Nothing Hurts Like You” is the synth electric guitar that Feed Me has emulated perfectly. The guitar opens up the track and during the drop, we hear it in the background driving the energy forward. The effortless combination of electro-house, bass, rock, and pop prove how incredible of a producer Feed Me truly is and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song at plenty of festivals in the future

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