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Golden Features and The Presets Team Up on ‘RAKA’

The lustrous masked producer from Australia, Golden Features, is back at it again with an EP so brooding and intoxicating it’s already being played on repeat. He’s teamed up with the duo that inspired his career, The Presets, to deliver us Raka. It’s as if their musical prowess was prophesied to come together and create a four-track deep house journey with The Presets’ Julian Hamilton on vocals and Kim Moyes on drums and keys while Golden Features, born Tom Stell, rocks the basslines.

Stell fell so in love with The Presets when he was 16 that he got a fake ID just to see them at a music festival in Australia. Years later when he became the renowned Golden Features, he asked to remix their track “No Fun” and their partnership became more than just fan-to-producer. Moyes aided Stell in the creation of SECT by listening to demos and nailing vocals. Then in 2019 while Stell was in Joshua Tree, Hamilton and Moyes asked if they would like to collab on an EP. From wildly jamming in the studio to creating a cohesive EP with energy that matches its onset, Raka was born. Out now on Modular/EMI/Casablanca, get dark and groovy with Golden Features and The Presets below.

The EP opens with vocals so reverberating and basslines so dark it’s sure to turn every crowd into a chaotic gleaming show where music, dancing bodies, and lights become one. The second track slows it down and shows us how intimate the trio can get. It’s a romantic journey that spins us in the best ways as we get lost in it’s “Paradise.” “Control” is a full-bodied, deep house piece that cascades us in a trance, warning us “don’t look down, try not to die now, you’re in control now.” If that doesn’t get your blood boiling, then the rising synths matched with the drum and bass is enough to send you into a frenzy. Coming to “The End” is a fitting closer for this already sweat-soaked EP. It follows in the same vein as the previous three, with dark cave-like echoes bouncing within the walls of the track.

These three coming together culminated a masterpiece of an EP and we can’t wait to see where it takes them next. And if you didn’t know their sound before, let the moonlight of Raka show you the way.

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