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Mesto Drops Nostalgic Pop-Dance Single Featuring Aloe Blacc

Mesto has been dropping hit after hit this year and his latest release is arguably the best song he’s released so far. The 20 year old Dutch musical prodigy has worked with artists such as Teisto and Martin Garrix and each song he drops just keeps getting better and better. On November 29, he released a fresh new banger, “Don’t Worry”, featuring Grammy nominated vocalist Aloe Blacc. These two artists are a powerhouse and “Don’t Worry” is on it’s way to become a pop-dance classic. 

“Don’t Worry” starts off with a simple piano melody with groovy percussion to keep the dancey-vibe going. As soon as Aloe Blacc’s vocals come in, the song quickly takes a life of it’s own and a powerful buildup transitions the energy to the drop. The drop is structured in a very unique way and, unlike most music that’s released today, waits to fully hit. The gradular drop makes for a perfect festival track and lush saws play out the captivating melody. Aloe Blacc’s smooth vocals are perfect for “Don’t Worry” and, when combined with the lyrics, form the perfect pop-dance hit. I would highly recommend checking this song out as it is an evolution of the pop-big room style from the early 2010’s. Because of this, “Don’t Worry” is nostalgic, feel good song that will remind you of the good old days of electronic music. 

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