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Radio Recap: Space Yacht Radio Episode #071

The name “Space Yacht” has become synonymous with the party that will give you the worst case of FOMO you’ll ever come down with if you miss out. Proclaimed by Mixmag as “One of the party crews putting Los Angeles on the map,” Space Yacht electrifies underground sound with sonically-charged parties that make Tuesday the new Saturday (LA Weekly.) Founders Henry Lu, Rami Perlman, and Ollie Zhang are exploding in the underground electronic party scene for their party and music-curating skills, which showcase the next generation in music and give EDM fans a place to go other than overpacked bars and clubs. Their accompanying radio show, Space Yacht Radio, brings the party to you so that you can blast off through your own speakers. Episode #071 is featured as this week’s Radio Recap – experience Space Yacht for yourself below.

Space Yacht’s host LondonBridge counts down to the mix by first listing the accomplishments of Space Yacht and praising it for its success, all credited to the party-goers and fans who showed up. The newest episode of the weekly series is a wrap-up of the year and a celebration for the new decade – but before skipping over the holidays, LondonBridge starts off with his edit of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” a tech-y and groovy house bop. He follows this with music from artists like Eli Brown, Solardo, and Diplo, the latter of whom will headline this year’s Decadence Arizona on December 30th & 31st. That’s next week! Don’t miss it – ring in the new year with us and get tickets here.

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