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Rezz and Yultron Release Spine-Tingling New Banger ‘Hell on Earth’

Hell has officially frozen over and taken December by force. Canadian queen of all things spooky, electronic producer Rezz has teamed up with the diverse LA-based artist Yultron. The result is a collaboration so hair-raising and spine-tingling that you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, if you’re not already dancing under the spell of its soul-catching tune. With a darker influence that can easily be attributed to Rezz’s haunting style, the track is gritty, terrifyingly catchy, and addicting. It’s extremely easy to get lost in the distorted world that she and Yultron have crafted from thin air throughout the song. Listen to the new track, titled “Hell on Earth,” and watch the official accompanying visual video below.

Rezz x Yultron – Hell on Earth

The visual experience that aids the song is intense and artistic. It depicts 3D characters of Rezz and Yultron in some sort of crumbling society or end-times type reality. It has a very post-apocalyptic feel to it, and shows many displays of things falling apart and breaking.. He effortlessly adapts to Rezz’s style while simultaneously adding in his own flare in her domain of darker-themed music. The two strike the musical matches and watch the flames burn together, as their art melds together beautifully and sets fire to the world around it. This new collaboration devilsihly kicks up a storm, and is certainly an impressive addition to the world of darker EDM.

Though perhaps several months from now, Rezz will be Arizona bound for her own personal headlining show AREZZONA in March! Stay up to date on details and purchase tickets here! Don’t miss your chance to get down and get spooky.

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