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Travis Barker Throws Some Rock at Illenium’s ‘Good Things Fall Apart’

The drummer of Blink 128, Travis Barker, just remixed Illenium‘s “Good Things Fall Apart” ft. Jon Bellion and 7th grade me is screaming. It’s a safe bet that if you fancy yourself a fan of the electronic then Blink 128 was your angsty boy band of choice way back when (and probably still is). The two worlds have just come together in perfect harmony as Barker beefs up the beats on Illenium’s emotive serenade to a past lover.

Comments on the track vary from “If I was surfing radio stations and this came on, my search would be over” and “Its travis barker.. how can you NOT like this.” Playing on the already highly emotive vocals by Bellion, the rock element takes this tune to a whole new lever and if the Illeniumites like it, it’s safe to say the track SLAPS, check it out below.

Those who know an Illenium set, know he’s full of hard hitting surprises on the decks. You can be sure he’s brining Barker with at his highly anticipated live set of his new album at Decadence Arizona. Don’t miss the magic this New Years! Get more info, see the full lineup, and purchase tickets here!

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