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5 Madeaux Tracks That’ll Leave You Wanting More

LA-based producer and uncompromising DJ, Madeaux has been in the game for 8 years deconstructing music from a variety of genres to create what he dubs “apocalypse wild.” Fabulously dark, but still really funky, born-Andrew Berman has come to develop a soundscape that’s straight-up bare-faced innovation. He’s produced boundless singles and EPs that tap into House, Techno, Bass, and R&B all while transcending their meaning into his very own Madeaux collection. Garnering the support of Salva, Wave Racer, Ryan Hemsworth, and A-Trak his unwavering productions ultimately lead to his signing onto Fool’s Gold. He’s been featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Ministry of Sound, and Billboard as “Top Artists to Watch” and released on labels like CR2, Record Record, Dim Mak, Medium Rare, and of course Fool’s Gold.

Laced with soulful vocals and infusions of R&B all while treading the lines of House and Techno, here are five Madeaux tracks that’ll leave you wanting more.

1. “Me + You”

Released October 2019, his latest production is full of buoyant echoes, catchy snare, and a deep reverie of vocals. “Me + You” transforms any room into that intimate and electric club vibe we house heads crave. It twists with just the right amount of groove while still oozing off the dark vibes signature to Madeaux’s sound. It’s a self-release that’s sure to make listeners eager to maintain the atmosphere with one song after the next.

In an interview with Prime Night Cult, Madeaux said “I don’t feel safe or comfortable, nor seek to be. As a result, when I make music, it doesn’t embody an attitude of contentedness.”

2. “Lost In Translation”

The track that marks his collaboration with the Fool’s Gold label owner, A-Trak. Back in the early days, A-Trak had actually followed Berman on SoundCloud. Ecstatic, he posted it on Twitter where A-Trak quickly messaged him about working on a project. In the beginning, he had to work hard and create as much as he could while learning under some big producers. “Lost In Translation” appeared on Madeaux’s debut New Wav EP on Fool’s Gold. And come the next, he was given free rein to really go in on his sound.

His collab with A-Trak is glittering and retro. The piece drips with ooey-gooey bass house. A bangin’ drumline paired with heady synths, the track takes a dip midway through easing listeners before building the energy back up for one more head-nodding, shuffling frenzy.

3. “I Remember”

Madeaux – I Remember

One from the very beginning “I Remember” is what got Madeaux noticed by Mau5trap Records. At 19, they asked the aspiring producer to be apart of the Mau5hax project. He got to spend two full days in a studio with Deadmau5 himself, Kill The Noise, Steve Duda, and Feed Me. Watching as the masters taught and made music hands-on with Madeaux and other up-and-coming artists. This track is starkly different from his latest productions, but still captures a piece of the artist that made him into who he is today. Atmospheric and melodic, this piece hovers over several genres at once, floating in between somewhere for those who really love to feel the music in a slow wave type of way.

4. “Utopia”

What would any artist be if they didn’t have at least a flip or two for other artists in the industry? Madeaux remixed Dombresky’s “Utopia” in perfect retro synth fashion. It plucks and stretches, builds and drops to create a hoppy and deeply animated piece that we never want to end. He knows how to hit the melodies in other tracks, touch your soul, or take you to the dark side, but with this remix, he knows how to start a robust party in any atmosphere.

5. “Club Demons”

His top played track on Spotify goes deep and has no remorse for doing so. The piece opens with enticing vocals that pull you closer and closer to the dance floor before snatching you with its bass and locking you in with the other “Club Demons.” It’s infectious and broody, making you feel like you can take on any house atmosphere with the right confidence. It boldly reminds us that Madeaux has a knack for getting real dark and real funky at the same time.

In the same Prime Night Cult interview, he spoke about the music from before his Burn EP and what has since followed. The pressure and competition were intense, but as he blossomed so did his music. “Before this record, I was writing music for music’s sake; now I am writing music to tell a story. I’m taking people into my world – from the show to the afters, to the hangover breaking up with your girlfriend high on painkillers, trying to figure out whether you’re got what it takes to make your dream work. From Atlanta to Paris, Los Angeles to Kingston – finding the future of sounds and styles and compressing it into an advertisement for self-actualization.”

Madeaux will be playing at Dvina Modern Fare on Friday, January 31st. Click here for tickets.

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