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ARIUS Keeps it Sleek with ‘Black On Black’

Bass power duo Matt and Tessa, who together form ARIUS, are gaining momentum with each passing year. They’re a formidable force equipped with sets oozing with fan-favorite mashups and dynamic tracklists including undiscovered gems in trap, bass, and dubstep. Instant classics in their discography like “Where My Head Bangers” and their mashup of “Womp Womp” and Richard Cheese’s “My Neck My Back” are sought after in sets by their fans and blasted in earbuds everywhere. ARIUS knows how to please their crowds without sacrificing their creativity, which they continue to explore in their producing style. “Black On Black,” their latest release, is an example of how they fine-tune their sound when they aren’t blasting the speakers of festival stages. Listen below.

“Black On Black” just has that energy that makes you feel like a bad*ss when it’s bumpin’ through your speakers. The builds and construction of the song are unmistakeably trap, with the drops swinging low to thick vibrations of bass music. It’s definitely more experimental than the bulk of what their sets play, which is the perfect booster to keep audiences on their toes. With banging sets and underground tracks, ARIUS knows exactly how to market themselves.

Arius is calling all headbangers to break the rail at AURA on May 23rd. Get your tickets here!

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