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BTSM & Blanke Drop Legendary Collaboration ‘Time Travel’

Get ready to travel through time! Australian artist Blanke and Canadian trio Black Tiger Sex Machine have teamed up once again to produce a banger that’s absolutely electrifying. With both sets of artists known for their dark and creative sounds across wildly different spectrums, their work together is explosive and thrilling. “Time Travel” follows their previous track “Hacker,” but this new one is a down-right heater, and was even said by Blanke to be his hardest song yet! Check it out below.

With a beautiful intro, insane production, and basslines that will make your heart stop, this song unashamedly destroys your sense of sanity, while hyping you up and thrashing you around to its wild tune. The track dropped just in time for Black Tiger Sex Machine’s brand new tour, where you’ll se Blank providing support as well. We hav shows coming up in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson. Grab tickets now.

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