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Drezo Goes Even Darker on ‘Flip The Switch’ Remix

In a sodden house music industry, creative musicality is a necessary trait for success. This is innate of dark house producer Drezo, who smoothly rebels against the mainstream standard of the genre with his haunting basslines and sounds. He adheres to his brand to establish recognition of his style while still implementing enough variation to avoid his discography becoming static and too repetitive. When fully immersed in a set, one can expect devilish visuals, penetrative bass, and sinister shadows casting over his audience. The effect is both alluring and frightening. His discography persists as versatile, though, and his recent remix of Valentino Khan and Chris Lorenzo‘s track “Flip The Switch” demonstrates this. Listen below.

In Drezo’s remix, the original spooky undertones darken a few shades, drawing on the high-pitched sounds that seem pulled straight from a horror film and emphasizing these disturbing elements. The playful nature of Khan’s style is still preserved in the dark, with wet growls bopping along in a fun and high-energy momentum. Drezo proves darker doesn’t have to become brooding; even those in the depths like to get down.

Don’t miss Drezo when he draws a shadow over Sunbar in Tempe on February 8th. Find your tickets here.

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