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Ducky Drops First Single of the Year ‘Don’t Give Up Still’

2019 was an explosive year for LA-based, eclectic bass producer, Ducky. With two hit singles, “A Place To Rest” and “Addicted To Your Distance,” and two EPs, Optimism and I Still Believe In Love, Morgan Neiman’s sound is continuing to take over this made-up world. She’s released tracks on a slew of records including Deadbeats, Insomniac, and Nest while collaborating with the likes of Skrillex and Jauz. Her presence in the scene is a digitized ethereal bliss that exudes emotionally driven pieces both touching our soul and rattling our bones.

Her latest release is a continuation of her 2016 EP, Don’t Give Up Yet, and takes us back to those 2012-2013 Spinnin’ Record vibes. Chock full of glittering yet mechanical beats as wispy and broken vocals lifts listeners up into the clouds where we are shot into a bigroom-esque drop. Bass radiates the piece in progressive fashion that it’s impossible not to admire the genre freedom Ducky wields over the scene. Out now on Spinnin’ Records, listen below.

But the track is more than just a musical experience, it represents Neiman’s battle with mental illness and finding hope amongst that battle to finally begin to heal and reminds us to “Don’t Give Up Still.”

She said in a press release, “This song is a continuation of an idea from years ago… I have an EP from 2016 called Don’t Give Up Yet that was about finally finding hope after a lifelong battle with undiagnosed bipolar and trauma and finally getting help and starting to find relief. This song is about finding myself back in that old place, battling the same demons, going ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m here again’ – and finding the strength to keep going once more, recognizing that I’ve always got that capacity for hope and that as dark as I go, the light never goes out.”

We can expect 2020 to be as brilliant and colorful as our Quackhouse queen, so keep an ear out for new music to follow.

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