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Get to Know the AREZZONA Lineup

Based in both Canada and Neptune, Rezz blasted from the underground around 2015 and has continued to surge forward with passionate drive nearly unrivaled by all. She’s continued to release at least one EP or album per year since her first drop Insurrection, all the while touring at legendary venues like Red Rocks and The Greek Theatre. Her dark, extraterrestrial style brand and boundary-pushing artistic production propel her forward; her zealousness and fiery determination to always do more is what has amassed her a following of more than 20 thousand “cult members.” Adding to a host of impressive accomplishments is her recent collaborative event she’s cleverly called “aREZZona.” The lineup released this week, and it’s an alien rendezvous in sophisticated bass music.

I stumbled upon Youms at Decadence AZ’s silent disco this past New Year’s and it was one of my favorites of the entire night. Her mixing style is brilliant, and she flowed from genre to genre with ease and skill. She possesses the dynamic ability to switch up from trap to dubstep to bass to dnb, so hold on tight to the rail and don’t miss her when she opens up the show.

Of The Trees produces a sound as mystical as his name suggests, with psychedelic melodies and trippy rhythms to lose yourself in like the dark woods of an enchanted forest. He’s brooded with his sound for seven years on his SoundCloud, so expect an exquisite and mature set from him in March.

CharlesTheFirst is a producer of ethereal sound, birthing contemplative beats infused with oozing bass that are best suited for both dancing and meditating with. CharlesTheFirst also joined Rezz for her first Rezz Rocks show at Red Rocks, so to be asked to join her a second time speaks volumes.

Perhaps of the most sonically-innovative minds of his genre’s generation, G Jones not only disregards but entirely blows past barriers set by experimental bass music. His music and live sets don’t adhere to any expectations you may have, not even in your wildest dreams. Don’t try to understand; hear it, absorb it, appreciate it.

This curation of music Rezz has selected should be appreciated and admired for gaining the attention of the queen of space bass. As her first curated event, Rezz has put meticulous thought into her lineup, and into the entire night. Doors open at 6, and you won’t want to miss a single minute of aREZZona. Find your tickets for the show on March 14th here!

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Photo: Eric Cunningham

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