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JayKode and SubDocta Drop Alarmingly Good Collab ‘Red Alert’

For a while now, JayKode and SubDocta have been rising through the ranks of the dubstep community. In that time, fellow artists and fans alike have been taking note of these dynamic DJs and producers. With extensive discographies and countless skills between them, it should come as no surprise that a collaboration of the two would be absolutely colossal. Needless to say, all of bass music has been put on “Red Alert” with this huge new tune from JayKode and SubDocta.

2019 has been an interesting year for dubstep, to say the least. With riddim on the rise, double drops, over-the-top chops, and dozens of new artists taking the world by storm, 2019 has been absolutely wild. Despite this chaos, JayKode and SubDocta have come up with one of the most unique, original, and downright delightful tracks of the entire year.

With dozens of synth and bass sounds, a masterful flow throughout, and so much more to it, it’s practically impossible to wrap your head around this song in just one listen. As a matter of fact, you could listen to “Red Alert” 10 times in a row and find something new within the tune every single time. In addition to the top-tier dubstep elements, SubDocta and JayKode incorporate gorgeous strings, sharp brass, and captivating choir chants. While this may sound like a lot, you’ll be blown away by just how perfectly it all comes together. Just sit back, relax, and experience the excellence of this song.

From start to finish, ‘Red Alert’ by JayKode and SubDocta raises eyebrows, drops jaws, and sets the bar for bass music in 2020. If you enjoyed this track, then you are sure to love the Blunts & Blondes show on Thursday, February 20, 2020 at The Green Room in Flagstaff – with support from SubDocta! Buy your tickets today!

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