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Relentless Beat of the Week: Kayzo & Lil Texas – ‘Rules Of The Game’

Houston-born Kayzo is a producer unlike most. The success of his originality and non-conformity comes down to his simplicity; he creates music from genres other than what’s popular, brands himself differently than what’s trending, and is unhurried from the rushed pace of the industry. Essentially, Kayzo does whatever he wants, however he wants. His fans and fellow producers alike eat this up, which is the most ideal symbiotic relationship any artist can hope for. From his extensive discography of reworks, remixes, and original tracks to his Doghouse brand, Kayzo seems to effortlessly be maintaining his success in the industry. Tracks like his recent collaboration with Little Texas titled “Rules of the Game” are just proof that Kayzo is just an artist producing music he likes. Listen below and you’re sure to like it, too.

“Rules of the Game” is immediately ignited with a pleasingly chaotic eruption of samples followed by switch-up BPMs from hardstyle to drum & bass. It’s almost hard to keep up, but this bewilderment is what Kayzo aims for. Predictability makes tracks tired in this ever-changing music industry, and by being stark Kayzo dodges that easily. Kayzo’s track is today’s Beat of the Week for the ease with which it stands alone.

You can see Kayzo when the lights return to Rawhide for Phoenix Lights on April 3rd & 4th. Find your tickets here!

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