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Sian Releases Sleek Techno Single ‘Concentrate’

2020 is the year of acid techno and if there’s any artist who is leading the movement it’s Sian. Tracks like “Shame Cube” and “You Only Want Me” with AMOK and Will Clark are a perfect example of his deep, warehouse sound and on January 17, he released his first single of 2020, Concentrate. In addition to his dark beats, he also is the founder of Barcelona based techno label, Octopus Records, supplying us with some of the best techno from around the world. Concentrate is a two track single released on Octopus Records that even the pickiest of techno fans will enjoy. 

“Concentrate” is a classic techno song with a refreshing, modern twist. The acid arp that carries the track is addicting and each build and drop adds even more hypnotic elements. The kick and bass in “Concentrate” compliment each other perfectly and don’t be surprised if you catch yourself dancing along. The next track on Concentrate, “Rise” begins where “Concentrate” left off. The dark vibes continue and an ominous acid arp builds up into an epic techno drop. One shots and random ear candy maintain the energy in “Rise” as the familiar arp pushes the track forward. Sian yet again proves himself to be a dynamic, unconventional and Concentration is exactly the type of single that will push techno forward as a genre.

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