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Yultron Remixes DJ Snake and Eptic’s ‘SouthSide’

As we all scramble to think of the best promposals for Yultron’s rave prom on April 11th, get inspired with his latest remix to wow your date! Flipping the work of “SouthSide” by legendary DJ Snake and earth-shattering Eptic, we get a rendition of the piece that howls Yultron’s name. From the beginning of his career, we’ve been inspired by the sheer eagerness for versatility and spreading emotional connections. Rave culture and diverse sound are important to this one and as fans, it’s most definitely important to us too. From touring with Marshmello, Getter, Snails, and Slushii to collabs with Kayzo, Kellin Quinn, and Korean pop star Jay Park, Yultron writes the definition for synergy. A unique, rarely heard before blend of dubstep, bass, and electro house is Yultron’s staple, but this time we get a little something to show off how ruthless and gritty we can really get. Yultron’s “SouthSide” remix is out now via DJ Snake/Geffen Records, listen below.

DJ Snake and Eptic’s “SouthSide” was already a ground quaking masterpiece, but now that our wholesome yet expounding bass master Yultron has gotten his hands on it, the earth is cracking open with his remix. It bleeds filth and really brings listeners back to those dark and glittering bass shows Arizonans love to love. The pace is limitless and the remix reminds us why Yultron is such an important staple in the game. Who needs slow music and a prom queen when you can show your date how hard you can go.

Get your teased hair, puffy shoulders, and boutonnières ready for Yultron’s ‘80s themed Rave Prom. Making his stop at AURA Nightclub in Tempe, you won’t want to miss out, so click here to get tickets.

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