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Hydraulix and PhaseOne Release Fresh Collab

Sydney based DJ and producer Hydraulix teamed up with PhaseOne to create “Space Invaders,” a groundbreaking banger that’s guarteneed to leave you in awe. Hydraulix is known for his impressive, unorthodox sound design and has collaborated with other bass legends including Eliminate, Moody Good, Hekler, ATLiens, and Leotrix. He’s one of the most talented, upcoming producers in bass music and this collaboration is a must listen.

“Space Invaders” begins with a glitched-out intro that quickly picks up the momentum. As the intro transitions into the build-up, the energy continues to accumulate until a sharp bass cuts the tension and begins the drop. The drop itself is truly wild and, as always, the sound design is phenomenal. There’s a slightly melodic aspect to the drop that contradicts the harshness of the basses. “Space Invaders” really sets itself apart from other dubstep tracks and its originality is striking. If you enjoyed “Space Invaders”, Hydraulix and PhaseOne made the track free to download for those who donate to an Australian fire relief organization. It’s a song that will definitly be starting some serious mosh pits so be sure to donate.

Hydraulix will be joining Liquid Stranger’s Ascension Tour along with Dirt Monkey and INZO on March 4 at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff, so be sure to grab your tickets if you enjoy weird bass and aggressive dubstep (tickets available here).

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