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Join the ‘Battlefields’ with Zomboy’s Latest Track

UK producer and DJ Zomboy is back sooner than ever with his latest track “Battlefields.” Born Joshua Mellody, fans of bass and dubstep cannot get enough of this man’s signature heat. He’s become such a strong part of the genre and scene as a whole that when you see his name, you can’t help but think of all the melting brains.

Despite being quieter on the release front compared to most producers, whenever his tracks do emerge they are always heavy and more neck-snapping than the last. Staying in the festival circuit for years, we’ve seen his sound infect other producers’ sets like tracks from Neon Grave and “Like A Bitch.” And for the past three years, he’s been developing his Rott N’ Roll brand that relentlessly slaps. “Battlefields” though, is Zomboy’s latest addition to the arsenal he’s amassed and actually began as a sample from one of his all-time favorite bands, A Day To Remember. Out now on Never Say Die, listen below.

Following the release of “Archangel” and EP Rott N’ Roll pt. 2, Zomboy is sending us to the “Battlefields” of dark and sinister heavy metal and syndicated brass beats, all while dubstep elements torrentially rain down on our squad. His choppy, grenade force bass is somehow rich and electrifying as his music begs us to pave way for the apocalypse and enjoy every second of it. I mean, how can you not imagine being in a dystopian world fighting zombies or evil robots with Zomboy’s music blasting in the background?

Armageddon preparers are ready to welcome Zomboy back to Arizona ASAP! In the meantime, Rott N’ Roll to “Battlefields.”

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