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MARTYR’s Newest Remix Has the Dead Rising from Their Graves

Imagine the fuel rods on your interstellar speedster just exploded… sending you faster into the depths of the galaxy.  The hull of your spacecraft nearly tearing apart under the immense force propelling you forward.  Well, that’s exactly how MARTYR’s new remix of graves’ “Deadsong” pushes the boundaries of the dubstep universe. The transdimensional flow of this track keeps your adrenaline flowing and your heart racing.  Between its gravitating rhythm and slappy arps, it’ll have you in search of oxygen with every breath.  Look into the stars and discover this tasty remix.

This isn’t the first time MARTYR has taken to remixing a graves’ song and hopefully not the last.  He took to social media, polling fans for which remix they would appreciate most – dubstep or 110 bpm dance.  The self-made, beautiful and enticing visual affixed to this post led followers to exclaim for both options but ultimately left them proclaiming for more dubstep.  After a few tweaks, MARTYR released what had us all clutching our seats in anticipation.  The up-and-comer deserves recognition for his dedication to his work and ability to produce a sound that sets him apart from the norm.

MARTYR has been incredibly busy this February releasing two singles, “Need You” and “Reasons”, as well as performing B2B with his partner in crime, Sleeper Cell, at this year’s AZ Crush festival.  There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing more of MARTYR in 2020.  Be sure to follow him at the links below!

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