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Porter Robinson Grants Wishes with First Single in Years

This is not a drill—our beloved Porter Robinson is back with the first single off his long-awaited sophomore album. The fan-favorite took to social media this week, just one day before the single’s release to announce his next era in music. Nurture does not yet have a set date of arrival, but will be gracing our ears this year, and hopefully soon! Porter released “Get Your Wish” as the first offering and the response has been incredible. I know I am not speaking alone here when I say I have been waiting for this moment for years, six years to be exact! That’s right, the producer’s debut album Worlds was released back in 2014. But have no fear, “Get Your Wish” is officially here and you can listen below.

Porter’s sound has evolved into something so beautiful. He took to Twitter to explain the process behind creating “Get Your Wish” and the breakthrough he went through to discover the direction he truly wanted to take for Nurture. He explains, “’Get Your Wish’ is about finding a reason to keep moving forward, even if it’s not for your own sake.” The upbeat and blissful track is new and refreshing, but still has that true Porter essence to it. Full of his delicately intricate sound design, bird chirps, piano melodies, and his own pitched vocals, “Get Your Wish” will have you happily singing along without a care in the world. We are ecstatic to have Porter back releasing music and our eyes will be peeled for the next single off Nurture.

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