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‘Revive’ Yourself with LIONE’s Acoustic Release

Downtown LA-based, indie-electro DJ LIONE is slowing down your February with an acoustic version of his single “Revive.” If you haven’t heard the name before, it’s time to fall into a world of animated bliss. Born Erich Yeung has been crafting delicately powerful synthpop sounds since his college days that it’s almost impossible not to drift off into harmony with his music. Classically trained on the piano, Yeung found solace in music during a transformative time in his life. From Japanese and Asian pop to Rustie and Skrillex, he knew that his love for music was a growing passion that needed to be cultivated. Studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston to working for Atlantic Record’s Big Beat to dropping everything and moving to LA, he always put his music at the forefront. And now LIONE is living his dream producing music that fosters the intimate relationship between all of us within the scene.

Listen to the acoustic version of “Revive” below. Out now on Proximity.

The track opens among dreamy waves where vocals lap up any thoughts other than those of serenity. The piano is intrinsically faint but still robust in resonating tenderness, ambient sound, and a wisp of electronic instrumentals.

In addition to “Revive,” fans can find similar singles that reverberate LIONE’s style. He has produced remixes for Purity Ring’s “Bodyache” and JackÜ’s “Where R Ü Now.” Yeung has also played at several venues around the country, hosted a small stage at EDC Las Vegas, and played a guest mix for Martin Garrix’s STMPD Radio. With LIONE’s fierce artistic vision for his future, we can experience it all with him.

He said of the scene, “What I like about the dance music scene is that it’s always been centered around enjoying the music together, having an experience together. There’s a sense of unity that I always thought was a very romantic notion. Everyone’s from completely different backgrounds and a lot of people probably wouldn’t be friends in their everyday lives.”

LIONE’s smooth, digitized sound will be playing alongside Nurko and Last Heroes for Dabin’s Into The Wild Tour on March 26th. Click here for tickets.

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