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San Holo Drops New Single ‘Honest’ with Accompanying Music Video

Dutch producer Sander van Dijck, famously known as San Holo, released a new track recently on Astralwerks label featuring the alternative duo Broods titled “Honest.” The song was initially created by San Holo but turned into a collaborative endeavor with Broods’ Georgia Nott and San Holo’s co-writers Kyle Shearer and Nate Campany. “Honest” is brimming with intimacy and vulnerability, tugging on your heartstrings as it explores the very real and intimidating idea of being open and honest in your interactions with others. San Holo has been working on this song for a few years now trying to find the perfect sounds to convey his messaging. With the help of Georgia Nott, they were able to create what San Holo ultimately wanted to achieve. 

San Holo – Honest (ft. Broods) [Official Music Video]

“‘Honest’ is a song I wrote a few years back about being honest in every aspect of your life. It delves into the idea of being as genuine as possible when you meet someone, even if nothing comes of it. I would rather be transparent from the start than create a false sense of who I am or what I expect.” – San Holo

San Holo uses his music to convey his authentic self, and “Honest” flawlessly fits into the mix. His production, effort, and heart are evident in his music and that’s what makes him loved amongst his fans. Want to hear more of San Holo? You can keep up with him at the links below!

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Source: Billboard

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