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Yheti Returns with Refreshingly Weird LP

Yheti is known for playing with bass sounds of all kinds and making the weird dance moves come out of us all. After over a year of creating, we finally get to wiggle to his latest offering, an 11-track LP entitled The Party Has Changed. The Ohio native producer has been making big moves in the underground bass scene and will be playing huge festivals this summer, such as The Untz. Yheti creates unmatched musical journeys that are refreshing and take listeners to a parallel universe and The Party Has Changed is nothing short of that. Dive into Yheti’s world of what he says is “Inspired by the infinite dynamics of human party culture” below!

This LP has it all; slower tracks to melt into a puddle to, like “3 Hits” and “Life,” and upbeat funky tracks to dance to, like “A Little Bit Goes a Long Way” and “Text From a Star.” Throughout The Party Has Changed you will be treated to fresh experimental sounds, samples of everyday noises, warping melodies, a sprinkle of DnB, and even some wobbly bass. Yheti truly shows that he creates whatever he feels drawn to and does it incredibly well, which is exactly what the bass scene is all about right now. The Party Has Changed is a weirdly fantastic project and will have us vibing for quite some time!

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