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BlackGummy Gets Dark and Dirty on Newest Release

LA-based producer Iman Marouf, better known as his stage persona and current project BlackGummy, has partnered up with rising artist EDDIE to create something delightfully dark, wild, and fun. Although EDDIE is still an up and coming artist, he has already earned some impressive production credits for his work on hit songs such as “Stress” with Canadian producer Rezz. Following this, the interesting tale behind the BlackGummy project name sets an ominous tone for a chaotic partnership of music, as BlackGummy is said to be the entity that Marouf discovered while on a trip to the Middle East and Asia.

The two have been intertwined ever since, creating insanely unique production in the realm of hypnotic deep house and progressive trance. Already being signed to Mau5trap, BlackGummy has been widely supported and endorsed within the industry and continues to rise. With EDDIE joining the mix and adding in his own touches, the track is a crazy work of art that feels like a horror-themed Jackson Pollock painting. Listen to the new track, titled “Double-take,” below!

The track features beautifully thought-out melodies, eery tones, and low, dirty beats that seem to infect your very soul. The song is gritty and intense while having just enough groove to get your body moving, and the entire sound is constantly changing and developing as it goes. The mix of elements in this song are all so widely diverse yet somehow flow together like honey, each piece complimenting each other despite the striking contrasts. The end result is something so new, exciting, and fresh that it demands attention, and quite certainly makes you want to do a “double-take.”

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