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‘DANGER’: You Are Now One with KLOUD

The anonymous overlord of the dark techno scene, KLOUD, releases yet another post-apocalyptic track.  With an increasingly aggressive mid-tempo bass and distorted synths, “DANGER” will have you gripping the throttle of your motorcycle as you barrel down dystopian highways in an attempt to escape the ever-looming fear of the robotic presence following close behind.  The threat is inescapable, but you must carry on as the beat leaves you swerving to dodge laser fire overhead.  Find yourself entranced and on the run by giving “DANGER” a listen below.

KLOUD dropped the PRIMAL EP in January after a year full of sensational singles but wasted no time before granting us access to “DANGER”.  The mystery behind the helmet is only part of the allure that has fans coming back for more with each tantalizing single released.  Not disclosing an identity has allowed KLOUD to assume the fictitious role of a hive mind entity rooted deep within the technological facets of our daily routines.  Without truly ever knowing whether it’s for good or evil, following the links below will surely have you all chanting, “We are KLOUD.”

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