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SampliFire’s New EP Puts ‘Soul’ in Modern Dubstep

One of the most highly regarded dubstep producers in the world today, SampliFire has been trailblazing an unparalleled path for many years now. While he has produced several successful collaborations with the likes of SVDDEN DEATH, MVRDA, IvoryEcraze, and countless others, one simply cannot overlook his solo tracks. Take, for instance, his brand-new Soul EP. Over the course of this four-track masterclass, SampliFire flexes an incredible number of skills, including exemplary sound design, seamless flow, mind-blowing mixing, and so much more. In other words, his new EP is practically the heart and Soul dubstep in 2020.

Whichever track may be your favorite, every single one is masterfully done. What’s more, all of them showcase different sounds, styles, and specialties. In the titular track, Soul, for instance, the environment is evil, pitch-black, and absolutely sinister. With soul-piercing high notes, destructive mids, and breathtaking lows, every frequency is impossibly full. Of course, this impeccable sound quality is consistent throughout the EP.

In “Phasing,” for instance, the intro is entirely different yet equally impressive. The drops, meanwhile, display meticulous modulations of basses and synths, as the lead sounds are ever-changing. Suffice it to say, this one is simply mind-boggling. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, the next song, “Invasion” is compromised of an entirely separate set of sounds, as SampliFire is constantly adding credentials to his already incredible resume.

Last but certainly not least, “Duality” is ultimately unbelievable. In just this single song, SampliFire blurs the lines between genres, incorporates a countless supply of next-level sounds, and, of course, playfully tweaks and re-imagines the track at every possible opportunity. If you’re looking for a simple song that showcases how hard SampliFire works in the studio, this might just be the perfect pick.

In short, the new Soul EP from SampliFire is absolutely exemplary. Not only is every song excellent, but the range displayed in these four phenomenal tracks is truly unreal. If SampliFire can achieve all of this in just four songs, then imagine what he can do throughout the rest of 2020, let alone the years ahead.

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