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SLANDER and Said the Sky Release Acoustic Version of ‘Potions’

Sometimes stripping a track of its fluff and production can help listeners discover the song in a whole new way, and impact them in a way it didn’t before. Electronic producers SLANDER and  Said the Sky released a collaborative track titled “Potions” last year, and the song quickly stole the hearts of many. It featured beautiful vocals by artist JT Roach, a sad yet relatable message, and overall an artful take on glum subject matter. Fans had been wondering whether an acoustic version of the track would be released for quite some time, and fortunately news of it releasing was recently announced via social media! Listen to the acoustic below!

SLANDER & Said the Sky – Potions ft. JT Roach (Acoustic)

With JT Roach being the forefront of this version, his crisp and heartfelt vocals can be heard clear as day, with only light piano guiding his singing. The piano accompaniment is being played by musical artist Dylan Matthew, who has worked on and provided vocals for several well-loved EDM tracks such as “Love is Gone” (by SLANDER) and “First Time” (by SLANDER, Seven Lions, and Dabin). The entire mood and vibe of this version is different than the original, and JT approaches the vocal notes with different inflections and different runs than before. With Dylan Matthew lending his musical abilities into the mix and teaming up with JT Roach, this track is setup for major success. It flows like honey, and the higher-pitched and softer lyrics add a vulnerability and rawness to the track. These two artists definitely shine in this acoustic version, so be prepared to have your heart broken all over again with this beautiful track.

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