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The Floozies Unveil Their Wobbly Side With Dirt Monkey Collab

The ever so funky brother duo, The Floozies, have teamed up with the wub master himself, Dirt Monkey, for a twist on their usual feel-good, groovy beats. The Floozies are gearing up for the release of their next album Dayglow Funk, and have delivered “I Ain’t Home” featuring Dirt Monkey as the lead single. If you are a fan of either artist, you are in for a treat with this mighty meeting of the minds. Give The Floozies and Dirt Monkey’s latest collab “I Ain’t Home” a listen below!

The vibes of this track are ideal, whether you are sitting back and chilling out to or getting up and dancing. The Floozies’ typical funky, raw, and rhythmic sound meshes with Dirt Monkey’s grimy, wobbly, and uplifting bass. The two styles compliment each other wonderfully and create a very forward-thinking groovy bass sound that seems to be popping up more and more in the scene as of late. This is just the first taste of The Floozies’ upcoming album and we are absolutely digging it! If you are just as much of a fan of “I Ain’t Home” as we are, be sure to grab tickets to catch Dirt Monkey on Liquid Stranger’s ASCENSION Tour here, in Flagstaff on March 4th, before they are gone!

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