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Voliik’s New Single Will Leave Your Neck in ‘Bad Shape’

Get your vertebrae ready and your speakers prepped because this track is about to blow both out.  Denmark producer Voliik has released “Bad Shape” – a glitchy, bass-heavy single that takes his music to a new nightmarish realm.  With static coursing through each onslaught of machined drops, you’ll be head banging in no time.  Check it out below!

Differing from his typically spacey bass and moving towards a more shadowed sound, Voliik brings us “Bad Shape” with the intent to prove something to his fans and to himself.  When releasing the song he announced, “It’s very different from my last few releases.  It’s way darker, gloomier, not pretty at all to be honest.  But it shows I’m capable of doing many things while still retaining my own sound.”  This song certainly attests to precisely that.  Follow Voliik below for more incredible music!

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