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Watch it Wednesday: Au5 & Nytrix – ‘Always in a Nightmare’

There’s a sonically-bred genre of electronic music that emits the energy that we might expect from the cosmos. These melodies are infused with futuristic sound design that creates utopian soundscapes previously existing only in our dreams. One artist that has his finger on the starry pulse of this all is Colorado-based producer, Au5. Rather than play it safe with trendy music that lulls in the middle, Au5 nurtures two extremes of sounds: that of stargazing and that of neck-breaking. His creations allure you so that you’re immersed in the experience from the moment you press play. One such example of this is his recent collaborative effort with Nytrix titled “Always in a Nightmare,” which can be listened to, viewed, and envelope you below in the accompanying music video for this week’s Watch it Wednesday.

Au5 & Nytrix – Always in a Nightmare [Monstercat Official Music Video]

Au5 blasts his listener high onto a galactic wavelength, nearly overwhelming with emotive accents, hints of alien sounds, and bright colors of a neon space. Quickly the listener is sucked into a black hole of unrelenting dubstep, which is too appealing to resist. Au5 effortlessly blends his well-suited elements of dubstep and space with this complimentary video, just as he usually does.

Au5 will be throwing down the set of your dreams with Chimes at Shady Park on April 24th. You can find your tickets by clicking here.

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