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You’ll ‘Never Stop’ Dancing to Dustycloud’s New Track

French DJ/producer Dustycloud has had the serendipitous fortune of having the music he loves to create most align with what house fans want to hear. Rooted in the Parisian club scene, Dustycloud’s compositions are a lifeline from his emotions to his audiences. He first found fame with his debut releases on Ultra Records and OWSLA, and from there progressed to be a breakout artist of the year. Earning the attention of his fellow Frenchmen Tchami, Malaa, Snake, and Mercer, Dustycloud leaves a trail of success anywhere his musical journey takes him. Most recently, he’s released a single called “Never Stop,” which you can listen to below.

“Never Stop” is packed full with soulful lyrics and driving basslines, and these combined with a bouncy drop reflects the title of the track in the energy of the beat. High-pitched frequencies and lower-vibrating grinding sounds contrast for a dynamic effect, and altogether this track hits as both a dance bop and something to sit with and enjoy.

Though he continues to produce new releases, Dustycloud never stops performing. Catch him when he performs at this year’s Phoenix Lights and get your tickets here!

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