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Jantsen & Mersiv ‘Get Crazy’ on Latest Release

WAKAAN fans, brace yourselves. Bass geniuses Jantsen and Mersiv have teamed up to unveil their brand new thunderous single “Get Crazy.” Weaving their signature styles into a formidable outline of dubstep, trap, and bass, Jantsen and Mersiv are fearless on “Get Crazy.”

Listen to “Get Crazy” via WAKAAN now:

To put it simply, this track is filthy. It kicks off with some other-worldly sounds, similar to what you might hear during an alien abduction. The haunting build up leads to an even more jaw-dropping bass drop which will definitely have you going a little (or a lot) crazy. Jantsen’s free flowing bass can be felt throughout the track and meshes with Mersiv’s dark-style bass to create a track that is insanely robust and sharp-witted. After hearing the fire collaboration between Jantsen & Mersiv, we’re hoping to see more tracks from this power duo in the future.

“Get Crazy” is truly a wonky, wubby, work of art.

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