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TUNE IN: BARDZ – Live From Sedona Video Premiere This Thursday

We have been keeping the streams of communication flowing with fans, partnering with such artists as Blossom, Gerry Gonza, Lick, Ekonovah, Meduza for live performances, as well as tapping both artists and fans to curate playlists. For our latest virtual project, we ventured out into the desert to film BARDZ playing live with the Sedona skyline as his backdrop. The produced set will stream at 6 PM PST this Thursday, May 14th, across Relentless Beats’ Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube channels.


Partnering with The Seader Project and Creativ Studios, Relentless Beats took this opportunity to help raise awareness and funds for Natural Restorations: a central-Arizona-based 501(c)(3) organization who keeps natural areas clean and open to the public. With a mission to remove trash, graffiti, and anything foreign to the environment from outdoor recreation and wilderness areas, the organization also strives to enrich the lives of Military Veterans and other community members. Natural Restorations works with youth for hands-on service learning opportunities and teach, both children and adults, how they can preserved natural areas for future generations.

Donations made to Natural Restorations support the continued development of hands-on service programs involving youth and community members, as well as assist in the procurement of vital equipment and supplies to aid in cleanup and restoration of the environment. Those looking to contribute can do so at on behalf of this special live performance with Bardz. Additionally, in support of this project, Bardz took over the Relentless Beats SoundSmith playlist, which is up now. The latest EP from Bardz, “B-Side Pt 1,” will be dropping on Friday, May 15th, following the Live From Sedona stream. Pre-sale can be reserved by visiting,

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