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Jace Mek & Ekonovah impress with newly released ‘Introvert’ EP

Jace Mek & Ekonovah have teamed for their latest foray in house music in the form of their new 2-track EP, Introvert. This brand new body of work features tracks Introvert and Never Alone, each unique in their own way, but working off each other to create a body of work that feels whole.

“When I was introduced to Stephen, we talked about working together and I was really interested to see what we could do. I love his unique sound and how he’s innovating in the house music space,” said Jace Mek of working with Ekonovah on the new tracks. “We began with ‘Never Alone’. He presented me what was an electro house type of work in progress, and we flipped it entirely to be something special, and for some odd reason, it gives me major salsa vibes. While discussing a possible release for ‘Never Alone’, the idea of a collaborative EP came into play so we decided to create another track titled ‘Introvert’. It made so much sense to put these tracks together. The contrast is beautiful. Being Introverted can make you feel like you’re on your own, but you’re really never alone.”

Forming the EP based on each of their own introverted-ness, Ekonovah had this to say: “Working with Cesar was so fun and organic. We decided to make this one our title track because we are both naturally introverted – I think we both thrive in the studio, so it felt natural to work on a track with these lyrics. I absolutely love these drops and I’m itching to play them live – hopefully soon!” To expand even further on the EP, Ekonovah elaborated on the second track, Never Alone, “we actually made Never Alone first, sometime back in 2019. And after a while of sitting on it we discussed a collaborative EP. It’s actually pretty funny seeing that ‘Introvert’ is the title track and the B-side happens to be called ‘Never Alone.’ That’s often what it feels like to me, like I can never get time with my own thoughts.”

Check it out, and hope you all can relate a little to Jace Mek & Ekonovah’s latest!

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