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GRiZ Lifts Our Spirits With Newest Single ‘Vibe Check’

If you haven’t yet been soothed by the sounds of American DJ, songwriter, and saxophonist GRiZ, you’ve definitely been missing out. With plenty of unique, fresh, and funky tunes in his arsenal of hits, GRiZ keeps the vibes high and the smiles big. Being a multi-instrumentalist as well as a producer, GRiZ brings an unmatched experience to his live sets, wowing festival goers and show attendees from all around the world. With an amazingly successful 2019 and 2020 for the artist, it was only right that his first single of 2021 would be hit the scene with a bang. Listen to the new track, titled “Vibe Check,” below!

With equal parts groove, funk, and wonk, this single vibes its way into your soul. GRiZ beautifully and creatively constructs this work from start to finish, effortlessly demonstrating his talent in production. It’s always a good time with GRiZ, and he has just the thing you need to get your spirits up and your body moving. Check your vibes, and then check out this newest tune!

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