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HARD Events Launches Gaming Competition Series TRY HARDS on Insomniac TV

Electronic music and gaming have always shared a special connection, but have never been seen together in quite this way! As digital and virtual technology allows us to bring people together even from far away, it’s no surprise that a platform like Twitch has continuously increased in popularity over the past year. Being a live broadcasting platform, many gamers stream to viewers on Twitch, and DJs have also utilized its outreach during the pandemic to still play sets for fans all over, allowing them to enjoy it from home. So how do these two combine for the coolest stream yet?

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That’s where HARD Events come in. HARD is a staple in the industry for putting on events like HARD Summer Music Festival, HARD Day of the Dead, HOLY SHIP!, and HARD Red Rocks. To add to the list of amazing feats, they just launched a brand new gaming competition series called TRY HARDs on Insomniac TV via Twitch. In every episode of the series, two DJs will face two professional gamers, all while having some fun bantering, interacting with the Twitch chat, and of course, gaming! View the schedule below!

With hot names such as Chris Lorenzo, Wax Motif, Cheat Codes, and Born Dirty listed as competitors, this definitely sounds like it’s going to be worth the watch. Hosted by gaming personality Britanni Johnson, this stream is sure to be the perfect blend of gaming music, and have all the vibes to match. Set to host a wide variety of electronic music and games alike, the stream seems likely to have something for everyone to enjoy. It airs officially this coming Monday! Will you be watching?

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