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Stefy De Cicco And Wasback Make Unreal Pair For ‘Fences’

Joining musical forces this week for a single titled ‘Fences’ is Stefy De Cicco and Wasback, who are both incredible producers in their own right. With Stefy De Cicco now exclusively signed to Universal and Wasback a trail-blazing young artist with tracks out on Maxximize and Revealed, they created this record in LA last summer.

As with many of her productions, ‘Fences’ is driven forward with spectacular vocal energy – on this occasion provided by Sam Tinnes. Soulful melodies and a striking bassline are added into the mix to ensure this one is an unforgettable listen. De Cicco reveals: “I fell in love with the song from the first listen. When Wasback played to me the demo , I immediately recognised  the power of the lyrics and the melody … Sam’s voice is fantastic: smooth and  powerful at the same time. I’ve added my personal touch to the song and I’m super happy with the final result.”

Listen now.

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