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Dion Timmer revamps his sound with latest released EP ‘Arcane’

Musical prodigy  Dion Timmer rebrands and welcomes a new era with his latest EP ‘Arcane’ on Subsidia Records. Being only 21 years of age, the young Dutch producer never fails  to amaze us with his undeniable musical talent. From the young age of 15 year old, Dion Timmer was making headlines with his  remarkable talent for producing music, which has led him to form a diverse and extensive discography.

  Traditionally known as a master of drum & bass, dubstep, and melodic bass; Dion Timmer is spicing things up a bit and rebranding his sound.  Inspired by his recently acquired talent of video game development and programming, Timmer aims to create a sound that expresses a new mysterious alien underwater fantasy world. This new world lays  side by side his previously developed world “Achrome,” a reference to his earlier  album “Enter Achroma”. ‘Arcane’ is a personal project for Timmer, his need to grow his music motivated him to develop a new  authentic sound using new instruments and synths. ‘Arcane’ features renowned artists such as Lucii, G-REX, Armanni Reign, Teddy Killerz, Excision and more. This new EP includes a fan exclusive 60-minute Arcane mix. 

  In 2020, Timmer pushed his creative talent and was able to produce and release seven successful singles including “Scumbag” ft. Bear Grillz and “Necromancer” with Excision – as well as a full- length album “Enter Achrome”. Over the course of the last year, this young and brilliant producer has worked tirelessly to produce the most eloquent and diverse musical sound in every song he releases. Some collaborations on his EP were already in motion even before the release of his album “ Enter Achroma”. “Arcane is a fresh take on how I see my art, zooming out from the neon city into the more organic parts of my personal universe. The music remains similar to my older pieces, but a little more ‘alive.’’ shared Timmer. Enthusiastic  and full of creativity this young artist  is a perfect representation of the  power of storytelling in music.

 During the pandemic Dion  focused  his energy towards learning and developing  a skill in game development and programming. We can expect some major projects coming this summer such as new music, merch and games. In quarantine he worked tirelessly on the creation and development of his own original video game, “Sculptur”. Timmer plans to include features which will allow his fans to provide feedback during future streams in hopes of creating the most extraordinary video game. 2021 is a busy year for the young DJ and Producer, make sure to stay connected and informed of all the new and  exciting releases!


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